The bottom floor is wheelchair friendly and mural tour can be done without a problem.

The observation deck on the top floor requires visitors to climb some steep stairs after the elevator reaches the top.

Top deck is not wheelchair accessible.

1 Telegraph Hill blvd,

San Francisco. CA

94133. USA

Telephone: 415-249-0995


The Gift Store has been upgraded and simplified with visible items and Coit Tower related articles.
You can purchase books and other Coit Tower memorabilia here.
The space in the gift store is limited and located in the center of the ground floor behind the ticket counter.

10am - 5pm     (November -  April)

10am - 6pm     (May  -  October)


Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day






The wait time for elevator rides to the observation deck
varies depending on the time of day and season.

To avoid long lines which can sometimes stretch to over 45 minutes, please go early in the morning when Coit Tower opens.

We are currently working on a smart paging system for each visitor to get a page when the elevator ride is ready.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the mural tour and grass area outside while waiting for their elevator turn.
This will cut  the stress of standing in line while waiting for the elevator ride.

The paging system is under beta testing.

The weather at Coit Tower can be very windy at the top floor during the winter months.
Take warm clothing for the top floor tour.

Wear comfortable shoes, the few stairs to the top deck can be steep with crisscrossing traffic.

Avoid bringing bags or backpacks, the spaces can be narrowed by crowds and back packs have to be worn on  the front of the body.



The restroom / restroom situation at Coit Tower  can be confusing.

Most people don’t know that Coit Tower has two different
Restroom/Toilet areas.

First one is located outside next to the parking lot near the
Columbus statue. I'ts a green structure with sliding doors.

The second location is inside Coit Tower on the first floor.
Located right at the entrance of Coit Tower.
The female door is on the left and the
male is on the right of entrance.

Visitors without our App will be seen lost or crowding around the outside restroom, usually in dancing pain.

Recommended all access tour includes Mural tour on first floor and TOP FLOOR TOUR with self guided AUDIO device.

AGE             RESIDENTS           NON-                                         ALL ACCESS
                                               RESIDENTS               TOUR WITH AUDIO GUIDE

Adult                       $6                  $8                                               $ 10

Senior (65+)            $3                 $5                                                $ 7

Youth (12-17)          $3                 $5                                                $ 7

Child (5-11)             $2                 $2                                                $ 4

Child (4 & under)     Free                Free                                         Free




Now with self guided Audio tour

devices on location 


Coit Tower does not have any food or drink for sale.
Concession stand / snack shop food sale was discontinued in 2014 after the remodel.

Plan to eat before or after your tour of Coit Tower.
The closest restaurants or food shops are a few blocks down from the hill.

The immediate space around Coit Tower is surrounded by residential housing then a few blocks to the pier.

In previous years a food truck with snacks was stationed outside near the parking lot.
That system was discontinued.

Currently talks are underway for a better food and drink experience.

No, you can't bring food or drink to this location.  No food or drink is allowed in the building.